We believed in our idea on making a better world

We believed in our idea on making a better world

By on 6 de março, 2017 in Sem categoria, Ιnitiatives

The idealism and self-sacrificing commitment of that wartime generation are harder to find in our society today. But as Christians, we are challenged to rediscover that commitment. Jesus is saying to his people today the same sort of thing Uncle Sam said in those posters. Jesus is saying to us, “Your church—my church—needs you!”

But Jesus has not abandoned us. The fact that these things have come upon us is not a sign of his displeasure; it is instead a sign of his relentless love, working always to build his likeness in us. Now is not the time to lose courage. He who began to do this work in and through us does not intend to abandon it, nor does he want us to abandon it. The church has experience and special qualities and gifts that Jesus has given to us.

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